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1. The fall conference on Korea Physical Society 2013, Korea (2013)

  • Novel [CoO/Pd]n/[Co/Pd]m multilater matrix (frameworks) for highly thermal 
    stabilitiy in perpendicular magnetic anisotropy features

          Jabin Lee, Gwangguk An, Seungmo Yang, Jaehong Kim, and Jinpyo Hong (win a Best Poster award)

  • Dopant activation analysis of Lithium-doped ZnO nanowires prepared by Hydro-thermal process

          Sanghyo Lee, Wonbae Ko, and Jinpyo Hong (win a Best Poster award)

2. The spring conference on Korean Physical Society 2013, Daejeon, Korea (2013)

  • Anisotropy of saturation magnetization in Pd/Pt based perpendicular magnetic anisotropy materials

          Seungmo Yang, Jabin Lee, Gwangkuk Ann and Jinpyo Hong win a Best Poster Award)


3. Nano Korea (2013)

  • Control of free charge carriers in Li-doped ZnO nanowires for higher piezoelectric output performance

          Sanghyo Lee, Wonbae Ko, and Jinpyo Hong (win a Best Poster Award)

4. The spring conference on Korean Physical Society, Korea  (2012)

  • Influence of various aluminum ratio on electrical and optical properties of IZO and AIZO transistor

          Taesung Kang, Jahyun Koo, Taeyoon Kim, and Jinpyo Hong (win a Best Poster Award)

    NFMD award
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