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    2015 year

14. Triboeelectric energy harvester based on wearable texitile plateforms employing
      various surface morphologies,
  Sanghyo Lee, Wonbae Ko, Yujin Oh, Jongsun Lee, Gwangho Baek, Younhee Lee,
Junginn Sohn, Seungnam Cha, Jongmin Kim, Jeagun Park, and Jin pyo Hong*
      Nano energy, Jan. 12, 410-418, (2015),
If 10.21 (1.252)

13.  Highly stable perpendicular magnetic anisotropies of CoFeB/MgO frames employing W buffer and
       capping layers,
Gwang-Guk An, Ja-Bin Lee, Seung-Mo Yang, Jae-Hong Kim,Woo-Seoung Chung
in-Pyo Hong*,  
Acta Materialia, Jan. 30, Vol 87, 259-265 (2015), IF 3.940 (1.893).

12.  Solution processed vertically stacked ZnO sheet-like nanorod p-n homojunctions and their
       application as UV photodectors 
 Wonbae Ko, Sang hyo Lee, Nosung Myoung, and
in-Pyo Hong*,  
Journal of Materials Chemistry C. December, IF  6.62 (0.813)

11. Ultrathin W space lay-enabled thermal stability enhancement in a perpenducular
      MgO/CoFeB/W/CoFeB/MgO recording frames,  
Jae-Hong Kim, Ja-Bin Lee,  Gwang-Guk An,  Seung-Mo Yang, Woo-Seoung Chung, Hae-Soo Park,
in-Pyo Hong*,  
Scientific report, 20, November, IF 5.578
. (0472)

10. All oxide semiconductor-based bidrectional vertical p-n-p selector for 3D stackable crossbar-array
Yoon Cheol Bae, Ah Rahm Lee, GwangHog Back, Je Bock Chung, Tae Yoon Kim, J
in-Pyo Hong*,  
Scientific report, 20. August, IF 5.578. (0.472)

09. Origins of highly stable Al-evaporated Solution-processed ZnO thin film transistors: Insights
      from low frequency and random signal noise,  
Joo Hyung Kim, Tae Sung Kang, Jung Yup, J
in-Pyo Hong*,  
Scientific report, 03. November, IF 5.578. (0.472)

08. Correlative analysis of conducting filament distribution at interfaces and bias-dependent noise
      sources in TiN/TiOx/Pt and Pt/TiOx/TiOy/Pt bipolar resistive switchig frames, 
J H Kim, Yoon-Cheol Bae, Ah Rahm Lee, Kwang Ho Baek, and Jin Pyo Hong*
      Applied Physics Letter, Vol, 106, issue 3, 0333506 (2015), IF 3.794 (0.494).

07. Thermally enhanced perpendicular magentic anisotropy behaviors of ultrathin [Co/Pd] multilayers
     via NiOx capping layer
 WooSeong Chung, JaBin Lee, GwangGuK An, SeungMo Yang, JaeHong Kim, and
Jin Pyo Hong*
     Applied Physics Letter, Vol, 106, 222404, IF 3.794 (0.494).

06. Nanoscale CuO solid-electrolyte-based conductive-bridging-radom -access-memory cell operating
      multi-level cell and 1 selector1resistor
Kyung-cheol Kwon, Myung-Jin Song, Ki-Hyun kwon, Han-Vit jeoung, Dong-Won Kim, Gon-Sub lee,
     Jin Pyo Hong, and Jea-Gun ParK 
     Journal of Materials Chemistry C, July IF 6.62 (0.813)

05. Synthesis and enhanced electrochemical supercapacitive prooperties of maganese oxide nanoflake 
 A.I. Inamda,Y, Jo, J, Han, S.M. Pawar, R.S. Kalubarme, C.J. Park, J
in Pyo Hong*, Y.S.park, W.Jung, H.
     Kim, Hyunsik Lim

     Energy, Vol, 83, 532-538, IF 5.5  ().

04. Enhanced structural and electircal features of amorphous InGaZnO thin film transistors via 
     a heavy Kr gas process
 a heavy Kr gas process, Jin Pyo Hong*,  12, April, Vol 15, 910-914

     Current Applied Physics, 
IF 2.026 (0.266). 
03. Correlation between Pd metal thickness and themally stable perpendicular magnetic anisotropy 
features in [Co/Pd]n multilayers at annealing temperatures up to 500oC. 
   Gwang Guk An, Ja Bin Lee, Seung Mo Yang, Jae Hong Kim, Woo Seong Chung, Kap Soo Yoon, and Jin Pyo Hong*,   
     AIP advances, Feb.1 Vol 5, 0271377, IF 1.59 (0.195)

02. Structural and Luminescence features of Lithium-doped ZnO film-like Nanowires
Wonbae Ko, Sanghyo Lee, and Jinpyo Hong*
      Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Vol 15, 1-5 IF 1.339 (0.219)

01. Impact of graphene and single-layer BN insertion on bipolar resistive switching characteristics 
      in tunsten oxide memory, 
 A.I Inamdara , Y.Jo, J. Kim,J. Han, S.M. Pawar, R.S. Kalubarme, Jin Pyo Hong, Y.S. Park, W. Jung, H, Kim, 
thin solid film, 589, 188-193, IF 1.867(0.85)


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