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Nano frame/Oxide material based devices are expected to provide a breakthrough in the electronics industry, which is focused on continuing miniaturization and ultra low power operation. In Particular, we have researched nanostructure devices which include Spintronic devices, Oxide thin film based devices, low-dimensional nanowires and Oxide transistor could overcome an origin limit of existing devices in next-generation applications.

  • Spintroni devices
    • High spin polarization materials (Half metallic materials)
    • Ultra thin oxide tunneling barrier materials
    • PMA multi-layer configuration for nano-scale Spin Torque Transport: doping process
    • Novel PMA single layer for Tunneling Magneto Resistance Junction
    • New seed layer architecture for low Jc/high Hc devices
    • Efficient spin injection/transport/detection using novel spin channels                    

  • Oxide material-based TFT for efficient channel
    • IGZO Co-sputtering & ZnO Sol gel fabrication process
    • Doping/ Annealing process on ZnO-based host materials
    • Intentional Oxygen ion or vacancy manipulation for high efficient channel
    • Flexible substrate & Transparence, Low temperature growth of semiconductor oxide

  • Novel functional materials and device for Nonvolatile memory applications
    • Nonvolatile ReRAM: Multi oxide layers
    • Oxide material-based selection devices:npn or pnp configurations 
    • New binary and metal -doped oxide materials for resistive switching behaviors
    • Oxide material based diode architecture

  • Nano oxide materials-based Energy harvesting & Lighting emitters
    • Efficient growth of ZnO nanorods using CVD techniques
    • Efficient energy harvesting using doped and low temperature process
    • n/p-type energy harvesting materials: Doping process
    • Polymer based piezoelectricity
    • Tribo effect-based energy harvesting integrated with other physical functions

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Novel Functional Materials & Device Lab, Department of Physics, Hanyang University.
17 Haengdang-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, 133-791, Korea.
TEL : +82-2-2220-4770, 0911 FAX : +82-2-2296-3738 E-MAIL : jphong@hanyang.ac.kr
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